The Ultimate STEVEN RAPP CUSTOM KNIFE: A gold quartz dagger or Bowie knife. Gold quartz knives were the ultimate expression of aristocratic society of the Gold-Rush era.  In these knives the gold flakes and specks look like they're floating in the quartz, and the many different colors of gold quartz are set off in a stunning way by the raised, and beveled, panels of gold quartz cut into complex and interesting mosaic patterns, separated by gold wire; while all handles are wrapped with gold. Kimball Dagger, Bob's Gold Quartz Bowie, Windows Gold Quartz DaggerGold Quartz no. 1San Francisco Gold QuartzFrisco Gold QuartzSunburst Gold QuartzVan's Gold QuartzSun-Ray Gold QuartzGold Quartz no. 1Gold Quartz FolderFloating Gold BowiePhil's "Best of Show" AtlantaGold Quartz no. 1California Gold Quartz DaggerGold Quartz Purse DaggerGold Quartz Windows DaggerCrown Gold Quartz Bowie